EP. 59: You Create Your Life–Season 4 Finale


What if there was a magic formula that would help you create all the good things you want in your life?

I just released our Season 4 Finale episode, and it’s golden!

This episode is particular powerful, and contains, what I consider to be “all the secrets of the universe!!”

We talk about this simple yet powerful formula for creating, and we will even explore how this formula plays out with exactness in scripture. Yes, that means, that God himself taught us how to create, in the story of the creation.

If you are ready to create new things in your life, new solutions and new hope, then you will love this episode and the tools you will come away with!


As always, I’m going to leave you with an assignment:

1. What is your number one goal right now?
2. Write a point A and point B story for your goal! What are the details of where you’re at right now, and what are the details of what it is like to be at point B!

I promise you, that as you become more and more clear on what it looks like, (how you see) and how you describe it (what you say) that it will change how you feel… and how you feel influences your actions, and actions bring results!

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