Thriving Life Interview with Sarah Godfrey: Ep. 67

Brooke interviews Sarah Godfrey, about how she uses The Thriving Life principles in her life. Sarah is a dancer, yoga teacher, movement analyst, wife and mother, and I learned so so so much from this interview that has already changed how I’m moving in my life!

Sarah Talks about
-The importance of pruning out perfectionism and the ‘should’ in our life in favor of the real authentic you.
-She shares her own story about what happened when she dramatically increased the level of self care in her life (you won’t want to miss this story!)
-She shares how movement helps her stay clear on her identity…seriously, this whole portion of the conversation blew my mind.
-She shares a new way of thinking about grace that you can apply to every situation you find yourself in.


False Beliefs Moms Have About Self Care and What To Do About It: This is the amazing blogpost written by Sarah that Brooke mentions in the episode. Fabulous read!

Ep. 58: The Importance of Self Care: Great podcast on self care, that details how raising our vibration affects how much order and balance we can have in our life. (Our most popular episode for 2017!)

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are: TEDx Talk by Amy Cuddy

Spark Change: Introductory course for Moms: Sarah’s amazing course that begins April 18th!!!

SPECIAL DISCOUNT LINK for Sarah’s Spark Change course

The Thriving Life: Living with Real Life Balance: Free course to lead you to a life of real life balance

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