I know what it's like to live in the thick of it. Anxiety, overwhelm, chasing perfection, distraction -- all make life feel busy but leave you unfulfilled and wanting more... More peace and connection. More clarity, and more space to love all the good stuff that is already there.

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Why do we create perfect standards to achieve and then struggle to do it all by ourselves? Life isn’t perfect, so no wonder it never fits the perfectionist ideals. My simple framework teaches you how to find real balance in every branch of your life:

Live a

thriving life

This simple process leads to growth and fruit in each of your branches, so you can thrive and be the true you. You don’t have to live with overwhelm and discontent. You can see growth and life in every branch of your life.

The principle I needed the most help with was ‘nourishment’. I knew I needed it but never took time for it. Brooke helped me focus on things that help me thrive, not just survive! I don’t have to try to do it all. I can improve myself everyday simply by practicing its principles.

Shanna M.

This course was a reminder of key principles I have learned all my life yet taught in a metaphorical way that resonated with me. I have found I am much happier when I don’t wait for that breaking point to change or “prune” my life.

Kylene South

I practically beg people to take this course. Who isn’t overwhelmed these days? It’s so easy to let the many paths of life weigh you down, this course gives you a simple and effective strategy for making choices that bring fulfillment and joy.

Micah Murdock

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and use this framework to live with peace and contentment.

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