Personal Development

Do you ever struggle to make lasting progress or set the same goals again and again hoping this time will be different? What if there was a magic formula for creating all your goals and dreams? Turns out there is.

Are you ready for more peace, connection, and clarity? Meditation is a profound tool to help you heal, create goals, and find a deeper sense of inner peace. This Christ-centered course will guide you in a meditative practice that connects you to God and your highest self.

Photography Courses

Instantly improve the quality of your photos by changing your photo perspective. This course reveals the 9 Golden Photo Perspectives and when and why to use them. 

Ready to master your camera? This course covers all the technical basics from camera settings to composition.  Gain confidence, save time, and use the full potential of your camera. Nail the shot every time, just like a Pro. 

Learn to shoot in all types of light, at all times of day in any weather! Enjoy the freedom of always making the light and the location work in your favor.  No need to always wait for the golden hour of sunset...unless you want to!

Once you've mastered the technical side of your camera and natural light, you must learn what to do with the people! This course covers posing, prepping a shoot, and most importantly--the art of interaction. Invite real authentic emotion into your photos!

Bring your stories to life. Whether you're photographing your own family or working with clients, you have a one of a kind perspective on the stories you can tell. Learn the tools of photographic storytelling in this cherished authentic style.

Discover your personal style and how it make it uniquely yours. When you know your own voice-- you attract clients who want YOU, not just your camera skills, you find greater satisfaction in your work, and most importantly you avoid burnout so you can keep creating for years to come!   

The ultimate guide to take you from  shooting for experience to suddenly making each of those shoots count and pay you back with stronger confidence, a more meaningful body of work, and most of all–future clients who love your images.

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