Every Branch is an online school for real life balance. 

We know what it’s like to live in the hustle and experience anxiety and overwhelm.
We know the guilt of feeling like we’re falling short, and the deep desire to find space in your life to nourish your own heart and dreams.

We share our own process for overcoming specific challenges and collaborate with other great minds in bringing tools and steps to help you progress in 'every branch' of your life.

Life is full, but it doesn’t need to feel out of control and draining. You really can live with peace in the middle of the bustle, and joy in the process.

In keeping with these principles, Every Branch is focused on creating content you can learn on the go. With our podcasts and audio style courses, you can enjoy learning while driving, exercising, cleaning, and more. Just one more way we help you find real life balance.

The Voices Behind the Mic

Brooke Snow
Every Branch Creator
Podcast Lead
Curriculum Designer, Mentor

Brooke loves books, and believes you can never have too many!  She loves music, photography, and all things about life at home (cooking, gardening, interior design, and the awesome people who live there 😉 ) 

Jessica Carney
Podcast Co-Host Season 3-4

Jessica is a vibrant soul who loves humans and finding light and love in all of her experiences.  Originally from England, her lovely accent, big heart, and inspiring stories will engage your attention in the Every Branch Podcast Seasons 3-4.

Sarah J Bray
Every Branch Co Founder
Podcast Co-Host Season 1-2


Sarah is an entrepreneur, and digital strategist, who spends a lot of time thinking about how design and marketing choices affect people.  Her unique perspective inspires the podcast conversations for Season 1-2. 

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