Episode 3: Life Balance, Part 2

Today’s conversation is a continuation of our Episode 2 topic of life balance. We talk about how to deal with overcommitting, how to use your talents and gifts in your weak areas, and how to recognize when things need to change. Life balance is a loaded, emotional phrase. People often bring it up during moments […]

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Episode 2: Life Balance, Part 1

Today we tackle the topic of life balance. It’s a buzzword for good reason. Our lives are busy and so many of us feel the constant struggle of trying to give ourselves to many worthy causes. We get personal today in sharing our own struggles of searching for balance between work and family — especially […]

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Episode 1: Every Branch Beginnings

It’s our first episode! We’re excited to share with you how we started planning for Every Branch over a year ago. It’s a story of an inspired thought coming to two different people, on the same day, thousands of miles apart, unaware of the other person receiving the same idea. We’ll tell you how we […]

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