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Become a master of natural light
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It is so easy when you can just watch someone else!

Come with me on several different live video shoots all shot during different times of day and weather. Because you are watching in real time, it’s so easy to understand where the light is coming from and to instantly see the difference the tools and direction make in solving the most common challenges. Want an exciting peek at some of the video footage? Check out the video above!

Find the Light First.

You’ll learn why light is more important than location. And what a relief that can be when suddenly every location becomes ideal when you know how to manipulate the light! All the video lessons for the course have been beautifully detailed into the course ebook as yet another assessable tool for learning how to master Natural Light.

Learn to love all types of light.

Whether it is mid day sun or the golden hour of sunset, you will understand how to work with the light you have to create gorgeous well lit images. To help you remember the solutions for each lighting challenge, you’ll find printable/downloadable cheat sheets for a quick reference to use while shooting in the field.

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This course is a digital product and does not have an active moderating instructor.
Because feedback is still such a powerful teaching tool, you will find several bonus recordings of live critique of past student assignments for this course. These valuable bonus videos address several of the typical questions and experiences that students have had in this course.

Natural Light: From Start to Finish is Guaranteed

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It’s Time
To Embrace the Light in All Conditions!

Imagine knowing exactly how to use the light at all times of day to create stunning images!
Start having that experience today.

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Reviews from past students:

“This course is perfect for any photographer who wants to master natural light techniques to improve their photography. The use of video showing how to this done is one of the easiest most straight forward ways to learn and understand what is required to achieve gorgeous images even when the light isn’t necessarily the best.”

“I learned heaps about how to manage and not be afraid of shooting in different light circumstances. Especially shooting in dappled light, loved that. I’m more confident in knowing how I can shoot no matter what the weather conditions are.” -Michele Bird

“I am a visual learner and it was so great to see Brooke in action, seeing her deal with everyday circumstances and how she problem solves. I have learned a lot from taking Brooke’s classes. She is so accepting of all people and treats all of her students with such respect. I have learned a lot of technical aspects of photography through taking all of Brooke’s classes, but she’s also taught me to be confident in myself and that I should take value in what I can do. I really appreciate everything that she has taught and the genuine person that she is.” – Raini Castro

“One thing I’ve improved on is to cut back on my editing time considerably because now I make better use of the available light.” -Sandra Armenteros

“After taking this course and another one of your courses I am just a so much more confident photographer. I am able to look at and for the light and know what I need to do in order to get the picture I want.” -Cindy Berning

“This class has been a turning point in my photography journey.” – Megan

“I thought I was pretty aware of the light around me, and was pleasantly surprised to be introduced to light at a whole other level! I am now always looking at the quality of the light around me.” -Thelma Achamire

“I LOVED the live shoots! It’s so helpful to watch you in action, and have you explain what you are doing and why! I will never look at light the same! This class is a MUST! My confidence level is so much better after what I have learned in Natural Light!” -Ann White