To love yourself with compassion and grace?
To easily progress in your goals
and live from a natural state of joy and peace? 

In 6 weeks, you can be on that path permanently.
The first step is just saying, "Yes, I want it."

You know that feeling...

The feeling of comparison and not being enough. Most people feel it several times a day amidst the messaging of media. But even when the screens turn off, the thoughts in your head don't.

Perhaps you have felt those thoughts as you:
*look in the mirror while getting ready.
*look at the numbers in your business or your personal goals
*looking at your calendar, commitments, and expectations of those around you
 *in your relationships when your heart has not been peaceful.

Feeling like you are not enough is an


You’re not the only one.
Most people (successful or not) feel this way sometimes.
Especially when you base your worth on your performance, external achievements or approval.

I built a false identity on success for many years.

I’m Brooke Snow. And for as long as I can remember, I built my identity on my achievements. Whether it was academic scholarship in school, or seeking monetary success and recognition in my career, I always felt that if I just reached the top of success mountain I would know I had worth.
It never mattered what achievement came, or how well I performed, the bar kept getting raised higher and higher. Enough, was never really ‘enough’.

I can tell you, when you build your identity on
the opinions of other people,
on success,
on anything outside of yourself, 
there’s no foundation to support you when the seasons change.

My scholarships didn’t last forever,
my career has changed several times over,
and the opinions of people I thought were so important at the time,
have come and gone in my life.
None of those milestones lasted forever.

True identity is found within,
and will support you through all seasons.

Why is identity so confusing sometimes?


Two identities?
Yes two!
One is true.
And one is false.

Your false identity tells you that you are not enough.
It has no foundation, so tries to build it outside of yourself:
Success, Relationships, Performance, Recognition, Validation, Acceptance.
Your false identity is highly self critical.
It is the home of guilt, anxiety, fear, perfectionism, and not being enough.

Sound familiar?

Your true identity is the same pure and perfect nature you were born with.
Perhaps you’ve looked at a baby and admired her innocent nature.
What you are seeing is a beautiful example of the true self. 
It’s a place of self love and compassion.
Your true self has always been there.
Whenever you experience life from a place of love, joy, and peace, you are living in your true identity.

Learning to tell the difference
between my false self and true self was pivotal.
Now I have the tools I need to let the false go and empower the true.

I will teach you how to live in your true identity

I created TRUE IDENTITY to help you:

Know the truth of who you are

Live with true confidence and peace

Make faster progress on your goals

Fulfill your personal mission and purpose

Is True Identity for you?

Yes! Especially, if one of these sound like you...

You should also know what this course is NOT.

This course is not about me telling you who you are.
You will be your own explorer.
I will teach you the general characteristics of the true self that are true for everyone.
I will also provide you with fun and introspective exercises
that will draw out the amazing qualities that are special and unique to you.
You will come away from this course with a clearer picture
of who you are as an individual and have the tools you need to keep developing on that path.

What is included in this course?

Weekly audio training podcast with Brooke
The False Self and the True Self
How do you feed the false self?
How do you feed the true self?

Workbook Part 1
Which self are you feeding?

Weekly audio training podcast with Brooke
Release tools to let go of the false self
The influence of media on your false self

Workbook Part 2

What stories have you been telling yourself?

Weekly audio training podcast with Brooke
The difference between roles vs. attributes

Workbook Part 3
Discovering your personal talents and gifts

Weekly audio training podcast with Brooke
The magic formula for creating your life
The healing power of love

Workbook Part 4
How to create and use your own affirmations


Weekly audio training podcast with Brooke
The redeeming power of Grace.
The enabling power of Grace. 

Workbook Part 5
Tools for giving yourself grace
Quick and fast forgiveness


Weekly audio training podcast with Brooke
The false image of God
The true nature of God
You don't have to do everything by yourself

Workbook Part 6
Removing the struggle
Finding "easy"

You can count on success.  
Here's what my past students have to say:

I am LOVING Brooke's class! I have put together so much about myself, and what my gifts are. It's very exciting to be focusing in on my own voice. Brooke's lessons have truly been a gift! Things I've felt about myself are coming together and making sense! I wish Brooke's class would not end!"

I want to thank you so very much for sharing this because it made it's way through a friend of mine, to me, and I'm just in tears that someone else out there can just describe perfectly everything that I can't say for myself. Thank you for this."

It has completely, utterly changed my life and the way I think about my work, career, and approach to life. I'm slowly catching up, but wanted to send this message because of how much I am grateful. Thank you so, so, so much. You are making a real difference in people's lives."



How much is not feeling enough already costing you?
How much more effective could you be in your work and in your relationships if you were living from your true identity?
How much clarity would you have in your life's purpose?
How much more peace and joy could you be living with as you experience life?
Not living in your true identity may already be costing you a great deal.

TRUE IDENTITY is guaranteed.

I'm certain that your experience in True Identity will change your life and I invite you to fully participate to experience this transformation. If you find this isn't the course for you, return it in 30 days, no questions asked.

It's time to live in your true identity
To feel wholeness, joy, and peace.

Price: $59