Ep. 60: How to Stop Insecurity


If you ever struggle with anxiety, worry, stress, overwhelm, comparison, not feeling enough, jealousy, judgement, criticism, worrying about what others think of you…

then I have a wonderful tool to realign your heart and mind back to a place of security and peace! I use it everyday, it’s free, it’s simple, and it’s easy!


Try the Love and Acceptance meditation: Close your eyes, and for five minutes a day repeat silently to yourself the phrase “I love and accept you {insert your name}”.


The Lively Show Ep. #169: How Approval, Love, and External Sources affect Intuition. This is the episode Brooke listened to and heard about the Love and Approval meditation. Wonderful episode!
Jealousy is a Map: Ep. 55: If you struggle with jealousy this is a popular episode that walks you through a release exercise to let go and learn from your jealousy.
The Thriving Life: Free course on Every Branch to help you find real life balance.

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