Finding My Identity

How do you define success in your life?

Where do you find your confidence?

Does it come from achievements? Money? Followers? Recognition?

Do any of those things define your own worth or identity? Or do they come from somewhere else?

Two weeks ago I sat down with Sarah Allred, of the Mormon Mompreneur as a guest for their podcast. It was different being in the hot seat being asked the questions! Sarah and I are close friends, so being vulnerable with her is easy because I trust her. But as you know, not all the things you tell your close friends do you share with the world. As such, I’ve honestly felt anxiety every time I thought about this conversation going live. There are things I have never talked about publicly before, and it feels scary to be so transparent.

Nevertheless, it went live yesterday. I listened to it with a pounding heart. I still feel vulnerable, and I also feel brave. I shared my story of finding my identity in the midst of success and failure.

And spoiler alert…your identity doesn’t come from any of those flashy things :) It’s the lesson of a lifetime for me and I hope for you too.

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