Ep. 65: Your Two Identities

Did you know you have two identities?

Two identities?
Yes. Two!
One is true, and one is false…

This helps explain why identity can be such a confusing issue for us. If you have ever felt lost, feel like you don’t know who you are, feel like your identity has ever been based entirely upon your roles, or if you ever feel less than enough, today’s episode will be a great foundation to pull back our view and see what is actually happening.

If you’re feeling like you would like to live more from your true identity, I know how to teach you! In just a few weeks I will be releasing my identity course. It is filled with amazing tools to help you uncover your true self, and to practice living life from this place of truth, instead of from the false identity of the ego. You don’t have to live from a place of not feeling enough, from comparison, from striving for validation from things outside of yourself. You can live free, live with compassion and grace for yourself, and I am so excited to teach you how.


Finding My Identity: This is a recent guest interview I did for the Mormon Mompreneur podcast where I share my own story of finding my identity through big success and failure.

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