Ep. 62: The Speed of Light

Do you ever have moments where you feel darkness?

Darkness that comes from your thoughts or your feelings?
Darkness from the events of a bad day?
Darkness from strained relationships?
Darkness from your trials, or even darkness that may come from other people around you?

If so, you will likely resonate with the glorious hope in the opportunity to have more light in your life!

Today we’re talking about THE SPEED OF LIGHT!

How fast we can give and receive light.

Last week’s podcast interview, Ep. #61 with Rhonda Steed, sparked me into talking about my feelings on this, and I had many people comment on it, so I wanted to go into greater detail and give more context and examples of how you can experience the speed of light in your life!

This episode is perfect for anyone who would like to learn how to let go of guilt and negative emotions quickly, who would like to experience faster forgiveness in your relationships, and who would like to live with more light!


Ep. #61 Thriving Life Interview with Rhonda Steed: This interview talks in greater depth about guilt and grace and how we don’t have to carry guilt with us into the next day.
Ep. #60 How to Stop Insecurity: This episode Brooke teaches a super easy meditation and mantra that you can do that will help you experience grace for yourself and others.
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