Ep. #61 Thriving Life Interview with Rhonda Steed

Pick any inspiring person who is experiencing good fruit in their life, and you will always find the four Thriving Life principles at work. That’s why I’m very excited to begin a new Podcast series of interviews. I’m interviewing inspiring individuals and asking them 4 simple questions.

What have you pruned?
How do you nourish yourself?
How do you stay clear on your identity?
How does grace play into your life?

Already, I’m learning so much and seeing ways that I can be more fruitful as well.

I’m kicking this series off with my good friend, Rhonda Steed.

photo by Tara Whitney

Rhonda is an incredible photographer, baker, chef, wife and mother of 5, and lives an inspiring creative life. Some of the inspiring takeaways:
Rhonda shares:
* how she fits in all her hobbies and creativity into a busy life with five children
* how she chooses which things to say yes to and what to say no to
* she shares a very tender story of a time in her life when she lost sight of her identity and the very brave thing she did to get it back
* and she talks about how she learned to not live with guilt

Some fabulous gems!

This episode is perfect for anyone who would like to integrate their hobbies and interests more into their daily experience, would like to live with less guilt, and how trusted people in your life can help you find your identity.


The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner: This is the book Rhonda mentions that teaches how to integrate your hobbies and interests into a busy life.

Rhonda Steed Website, Rhonda on Instagram

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