Ep. 58: The Importance of Self Care

How well do you care for yourself on a scale from 1-10? And even better, how consistent are you with your own self care?
Do you have any rituals that you stick to? Any favorite things you do that help you receive the nourishment that you need to perform and serve and live and love with greater capacity?

Today’s episode is all about self care. It’s one of the most basic survival principles that govern our life and happiness. It’s the bottom of the pyramid of needs, which means, that if you aren’t getting it, then all the other needs you have above you in the pyramid won’t be attainable. We’ll talk about the science behind self care (which is really fascinating by the way!) and share some inspiring stories that we hope will further your commitment to your own self care!


Amazing Resonance Experiment:Youtube video showing the correlation between vibrational frequency and order.

Ep. 51: The Power of Your Words: Podcast Episode all about affirmations.

Ep. 53: Overcoming Fear: Podcast episode where Brooke talks about her experience doing a write and burn on the Fear of God.


1. On a scale from 1-10, how would you currently rate your self care practice?

2. What is one thing you can do to increase that number?

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