Ep. 57: Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs


Do you have any limiting beliefs in your life? Are there thoughts that you have that about yourself or other people or your circumstances that you know keep you from making progress?

Today’s conversation is all about how to identify those beliefs and most importantly, how to let them go, or as Jessica says, how to “BLAST THEM OUT OF YOUR MIND!”. Imagine what your life would be like if those limiting beliefs were gone?? Would it be worth it to you to learn how to do that? I’m super excited to share with you some of the tools that Jessica and I use regularly to blast those limiting beliefs away, so we can live our life with truth.


Ep. 49 With Intention: We give the detailed steps of how to do a write and burn.

The Emotion Code: Fantastic Book that teaches you how to energetically remove the trapped emotions you may be carrying.

11 Amazing Days: Amazing FREE program designed by Treacy Mize that walks you through the process of finding evidence for real truth in your life.

Ep. 34: Changing our Beliefs: This episode Brooke shares her experience with meditation in overcoming limiting beliefs.


As always, we leave you with an assignment!

1. What is a limiting belief that you live with in your life? Perhaps one came to your mind while you were listening to this conversation. What is it?

2. Pick one of the tools that we mentioned in this conversation to use on blasting that limiting belief out of your programming. We talked about write and burn, The Emotion Code, Accountability to others, meditation, prayer, Affirmations, to name just a few.

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