Ep. 56 Planning for a Great Day


How orderly would you describe your life right now?
Do you feel like you have some structure and peace over the planning of your day?
Today Jessica and I are talking about planning, and specifically, the need for us to do some deep work—whatever that may look like. Life is full of distractions, and often times even if we make a to-do list that gets crossed off, we can make it to the end of the day feeling less than productive, simply because the things we crossed off weren’t those that bring deep value and meaning to our life.


The Panda Planner: This is Brooke’s new favorite planner! It rocks! It integrates goals, affirmations, fun, gratitude and more!

Deep Work by Cal Newport: Book that both Jessica and Brooke are reading on the importance of doing deep work over shallow work.

Mentoring with Brooke: If you would like to work one on one with Brooke in implementing empowerment practices into your own life, email her at brooke@brookesnow.com.


So today we leave you with an assignment:

1. If you are already in a good practice of planning your day, assess where you might be able to tweak it for more activity that adds value to your life. Where is the deep work taking place?
2. If you don’t have a practice for planning, how could you begin to implement one?

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