Ep. 55 Jealousy

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Have you ever struggled with jealousy?
Are there certain people that bring up envious feelings for you?
Perhaps they have similar ambitions, goals, or interests, and it appears that they are succeeding far more than you are.

Today’s episode is a personal one for me. I’m sharing all about my own recent moment of jealousy and the profound experience I had in conquering it!


The Artists Way by Julia Cameron : One of my all time favorite books ever written! Julia is a genius and this book has changed my life :)
Ep. 50: Getting on Top of the World: This episode talks about getting rid of negative thoughts by writing them down on paper.
Ep. 49: With Intention: This episode talks about the details of Write and Burn. The amazing tool for letting go of limiting beliefs and deep negative emotions.


Is there someone in your life that you feel jealous of right now?
Could it be that there is something deeper that your jealous feelings are triggering?
If so, i invite you to do the write and burn technic as a powerful way to work through not only the jealousy, but the underlying core issues as well. You don’t have to keep suffering with any of those feelings. They really can be cleared and lifted from you very quickly, if you are willing to put in a bit of time to do the exercise. You can be free, and live and interact with the people around you in a way that feels loving and supportive.

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