Ep. 54 Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

Wind blown.

If I were to ask you what your spiritual gifts are, would you be able to tell me?

When I use the term spiritual gifts, I’m referring to any kind of quality, or ability you innately have that helps you and ultimately enables you help other people. Our spiritual gifts do not have to be showy or obvious, in fact, most often, they are subtle and regularly passed over without the recognition that they really deserve.

You may have the spiritual gift of empathy, compassion, humor, being a good listener, being intuitive, being curious about other people, the gift of speaking, gift of hospitality, creativity, problem solving, and an endless list of other possibilities. Do you know what your own spiritual gifts are?

Today we’re going to talk about spiritual gifts, and both Jessica and I are going to share some recent examples of how we are developing our own spiritual gifts that not as easy and natural to us as others, and what to do with the awkwardness that comes when those gifts aren’t already functioning at a high level just yet. Yes, that means that you can gifts that aren’t easy for you. Or natural. that’s why I love to call them Spiritual gifts. You are endowed with many many gifts already inside of you. Some of them are easy and natural, while others are not quite there yet. But the exciting part, is that you still have them and they can be cultivated. Let’s about how to do just that.


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As always we leave you with an assignment.

1. Name 1 spiritual gift that you would like to cultivate. This should be easy! Because even if you are thinking right now, that you don’t have a particular gift, the funny thing, is that you actually do have that gift! You simply need to nourish, and change your mindset, into the belief that it’s already inside of you. Identifying that trait as a gift is the first step for cultivating. Is there a gift that you always wished that you could have? That longing and desire, is a great clue, that it’s actually already there. Have you had your own experiences with this type of approach to developing your gifts? If so, we’d love to hear! you can continue along with this conversation with Every Branch on Instagram or on our website at every branch.is

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