In 40 days, Biblical miracles took place. Now it's time for one of your own.

What would it feel like to live with deep inner peace, connection, and clarity?

I'm Brooke Snow.

A few years ago I found myself suffering from severe anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, and depression.  In a desperate effort to save my sanity and happiness, I began to practice meditation.  The effect it had upon my mental, emotional, and spiritual health was astounding.  What began as a simple 40 Day challenge has since turned into a 3 year practice that I can't live without. I had expected meditation to be a rather boring introspective time to empty my mind. Instead I found a profound sense of inner peace, a deep nourishing relationship to God, and a tool that guides me in healing my heart and creating my goals.  

Perhaps you have considered meditation in the past, but the thought of sitting and turning off your mind sounded too hard or mundane. There are many styles of meditation. This course is all about vision. It's less about emptying the mind and more about learning to see with spiritual eyes and hear with spiritual ears.

Meditation is a practice. This course is designed as a 40 Day challenge to not only help you learn how to meditate, but to establish your own beloved practice.  All good things take time to root, grow, and flourish. Miracles can happen in 40 days!

You don’t have to live with anxiety, distraction, or any level of disconnection to God and your true self.  

I will be your guide. Each week you'll receive a video lesson and a variation of meditation to practice for the week, along with full email support for the life of the course.  

Watch the weekly lessons

Practice for 40 Days

Experience transformation

Invite a Friend For Free

As a special bonus, I invite each registered student to participate in this class with one friend or family member as their meditation buddy.  Together you help keep each other accountable and two people end up with a new empowering practice rather than just one! *Details for the buddy pass are emailed after registration is complete. 

It is possible to live in today's chaotic world with a grounded sense of peace, connection to God, and have clarity for your own personal path on a daily basis.  

You can count on success.  
Here's what my past students have to say:

Kristi Drennan

"Meditation always seemed like something I couldn't do or something that really wouldn't make much difference for me. I was the person that said "I can't mediate. It's not for me." Brooke not only taught me about the huge healing benefits but also different ways of meditating that has made me CRAVE doing it. It's a part of my every day spiritual practice and I am forever grateful for her and her ability to teach this in a way that makes so much sense and makes it so doable. "

Davina Fear

"Visualization meditation has literally changed my soul. My whole life I have wanted to be better at prayer, and to have a more intimate and real relationship with God. I had no idea what I was missing out on until I started doing visualization meditation. My whole heart and mind has changed about who Christ is, who Heavenly Father is, and who I am. It has been powerful for me to see myself and my life and my relationship with them in a really different way. My confidence has been strengthened, my faith has increased, my ability to act has increased, my spiritual knowledge has increased, my understanding of the Gospel principles of repentance, the love of Christ for me and for everyone, has expanded. I feel enlivened in a way I have never felt before. Every single day, I don't want to miss my chance meditate."

Christian Meditation

is guaranteed.

I'm certain that your experience in Christian Meditation 40 Day Challenge will change your life and I invite you to fully participate to experience this transformation. If you find this isn't the course for you, return it in 30 days, no questions asked.

It's time to live higher.
To feel peace, connection, and clarity.

Price: $75