Balance is found when you treat your life like a master gardener. You must tend to your different branches with pruning, nourishment, and grace. Apply these three principles to any struggling branch in your life and watch it grow and bear fruit.

Our goal for each course we create at Every Branch is to lead you through this process for one of your branches.

current Courses

The Thriving Life

The Thriving Life course is designed to lead you to real life balance. Instead of trying to achieve perfection in every area of our lives, we take our cues from how nature has designed every living thing to thrive.

Digital Detox

Digital Detox Your Life will help you live in harmony with technology. You will learn to be in control, creating a media lifestyle that encourages you and is in real balance with the rest of your life.


Familyness: Guilt free family life. The balance between work and family doesn’t need to carry guilt. Regardless of how much time you have to spend together, the quality of those relationships is what makes all the difference.

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My life was so out of balance! I had been obsessed for years in building my identity on being a professional photographer. Now I let life unfold more naturally instead of forcing things to happen. I am working hard on spending more time with my family and am picking up new hobbies. Life is now way more fulfilling for me!

Lisa Ward

It’s like someone taking you by the hand and guiding you through steps that will help you simplify and enrich your life. The lessons are so simple, yet effective, and the audio format makes it so easy to fit into your schedule. You can go through over and over again, and still benefit each time.

Jamie Heslop

Courses Lead to Your Own


Listen to the Course Audios

All lectures and discussions are MP3 audio recordings, so you can easily listen on the go. We love learning while driving, exercising or doing housework. Win! Win!

Complete the Assignments

We go beyond inspirational talks. We know you need an actionable process to prove it works in your own life. Each course comes with a downloadable workbook to make things happen for you.

Enjoy a Healthy Fruitful Branch

Vision and action lead to more happiness and fruit. Hooray!

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